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In this way, the present invention provides the possibility of an adjustable range search functionality.The agents may be incentivized (but not required) to appear online at certain times, etc.Gli incontri di Fondazione Courmayeur Mont Blanc Panorama di mezzagosto: economia, società, istituzioni. La Fondazione Courmayeur Mont Blanc presenta il tradizionale.At minimum, it is necessary for vendors to be able to report participant actions in association with a participant service level can be even further improved if the customer can pay from an existing account balance or credit line so that the customer need not enter purchase information (such as account numbers every time they make a purchase).The system further includes the computer and communication system for determining optimum delivery courier instructions (preferably based on real time traffic data and delivery demand) and conveying these instructions to each of the delivery couriers.

The user could be prompted to specify a range when formulating the query, in which case the specified range information would be transmitted with the query.In this regard, a variable redemption rate incentive program according to the present invention could be used to allow agents to accumulate points that would give them preferences in entering the site.FIG. 1 shows the overall system architecture of the two-component variable rate incentive system of the present invention.The system operator 1600 operates a home page 1620 that lists agents available, goods available and merchants participating in the system.If the communication device used has Internet access capabilities, the system could return an Internet link in response to the query to allow the user to link to a web page providing a description of the vendor, merchant or service provider and directions to the physical location.Comentarii Fotografii Sfaturi Facilităţi Preturi ⓘ Informatii despre hotel Comentariile Hotel ☘ Ce seturi de acest hotel pe lângă altele.The bank issues users a smart card, referred to as the ecom perks Card Plus.Since the second-tier delivery couriers are proceeding in the same general direction, it follows that the natural time of delivery to the adjacent second-tier delivery points associated with different loops would be at different times.Users may have personal communication devices that can be used to allow transmission of a digital message generated on the personal communication devices by placing a call through one of the base stations and memory for storing a digital value corresponding to a monetary value.

The handset can, in accordance with the present invention, be designed to receive data (through infra red or wire transmission, e.g., Bluetooth protocol or by reading a mag card or other electronic storage device).Alternatively, at step 1007, the customer could select the particular sales agent, in which case the system displays the products for which the selected agent is certified to sell.

FIG. 9E shows an example of a customized business to business incentive program according to the present invention that is conducted sing web sites and initial screen flow in connection with this system and method.Likewise, the system of the present invention can be adapted to work with other databases based on other geographic indicators such as postal codes or the like by including a database that correlates base station locations to other indicators of geographic position, such as postal codes.This input can be used in connection with the sales agent incentive program and intelligent recommendation system program according to the present invention.The critical aspect of this invention is allowing customers to feel a sense of personal service in a normally impersonal medium.This would require, of course, a high level of authority from the sales agent that has been previously granted and confirmed by the customer.FIG. 7A shows a menu summary that could, for example, be stored in the memory of the digital cellular phone of FIG. 7. The summary of FIG. 7A shows both the hierarchy of screen displays and the 1-4 digit code for any particular function.

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An important aspect of the present invention is the value proposition for each class of participants within the system and method.The system is, for example, ideal for the electronic commerce retail and business to business systems described herein.

Thus, for example, the menu may provide choices such as restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and grocery stores.FIG. 7F shows a front view of a biometric information and identification key according to the present invention.In addition to playing a live casino table game, each player makes an additional wager at the beginning of each hand that makes that player eligible to win all or part of a jackpot.The emergence of the global computer network or Internet has dramatically altered commerce.FIG. 5A shows a wireless connectivity enabled smart chip for use in casino gaming.However, since most digital cellular phones already include LCD displays and buttons, the currently preferred interface is a menu-type interface in which a user can enter its queries through a combination of menu choices and data entry using buttons available on a conventional cell phone as described hereinafter in connection with FIGS. 8 and 8 A- 8 C.

Recommender system for identifying a new set of media items responsive to an input set of media items and knowledge base metrics US8312024 22 Nov 2010 13 Nov 2012 Apple Inc.The same applies to any common carrier and in many other capital-intensive fields.One example of this is the Dell Computer system for building computers on demand so that there is no need to guess as to customer preferences.- Quarterly Schedule of Portfolio Holdings of Registered Management Investment Company (N-Q).

Through this dialogue, the sales agent, which is a certified expert in connection with the particular goods, can provide high level information concerning the details of the specific products being considered by the customer.Recommender system for identifying a new set of media items responsive to an input set of media items and knowledge base metrics US7743009 12 Feb 2007 22 Jun 2010 Strands, Inc.

Thus for example, everyone flying the airline shuttle between Washington, D.C. and New York earns 1,000 miles for the flight regardless of whether the participant is a one-time user that had no choice but to take the flight or a weekly flyer whose continued patronage would be very valuable.As one example, the variable redemption rate can be used to gain and maintain participant loyalty by rewarding consistency with incremental increases and discouraging lapses in loyalty through punitive decreases in redemption rate.The mobile exchanges 505 provide information to, and retrieve information from these databases 507.With the system of the present invention, it is possible to make such adjustments with great precision.

Thus, there is a need for a system and method that provides customer service and satisfaction in a network economy.In accordance with the present invention, an incentive program (such as variable redemption rate program) or other program can be designed to allow the participant to select a level of commitment to the sponsor in both the mass market and business to business context.Recently, incentive programs have been expanded to encompass all forms of purchase including debit cards, smart cards or even cash payments.As shown in FIG. 1, the system includes various functional units in communication with one another.The particular display shown in FIG. 5 also includes a stop button 470 by which the user can stop using the machine, but cash out of the machine.