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We were almost out of the forest and onto the main pathway but we still had one obstical to overtake, the string house.I start laughing and dancing like I just heard a really dirty dubstep drop or something and I think the artist on stage picked up on how hard Samuel and I were jamming.About half way through our group decided to leave the concert and just chill in the forest because none of us were really digging it that much.After getting canceled in 2010, it looks like the Rothbury Festival is making a comeback in 2011…but with a new name: the Electric Forest Festival.We all bought pizza and sat down in the grass and started eating.We spend the rest of our day smoking and drinking beers until it was 6:30 pm and we were heading into the festival.

I looked around at my friends and they all seemed just as spaced as me so I picked up a red, yellow, and green colored leaf.This was the 2nd day of the event and we were all doing well and ready to rage.As we walked we reminissed about how our night was in the forest at the peak of our trip.

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The mushrooms felt like they were hitting me hard but I could still handle myself.

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If my samba costume doesn't make it in time, channeling. Need this for electric forest!. Dont forget to take advantage of our payment plans as slots fill up.I hit the joint and it was buring smooth and slow, damn this is a nice joint.Please login or register to post messages and view our exclusive members-only content.The 2014 Electric Forest Festival, formerly the Rothbury Festival, kicks off today (June 26) in Rothbury, Michigan. It’s a sold-out, four.I looked at the trees in more detail and the bark looked amazingly indepth.There are amazing things in the mushroom world and with respect to the mushroom great things can happen, and this is a story about that.

I feel like I should add a few more excerpts of what the other guys said about their trips a few days after (this was the highest dose any of us have ever taken).The whole time I felt water dripping off my hands and onto my arms.

I got my packpack ready to be searched and took my phone and wallet out of my pocket, normal search routine I was used to going through.After smoking the whole J we all got about 15-20 good hits from it (except steven of course) and the final song was just ending.Anyways we got enough shrooms for all of us to eat exactly 4g.

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Hemp, Magic Flight Launch Box, Tacos, The Doors, Vaporizer.We gathered the Space Cadets and started running to the enterance.All of a sudden I start to see camps the look familiar to me, we must be getting close.

I see him thrashing his body breaking the strings and just trying to get loose.I said thanks accidentally blowing smoke over her when I was talking.

Everyone started laughing and we decided it was time to leave, it was about 2am and everyone was exhausted.I was fully content just smoking weed and tripping on Mushrooms to want to try any other drugs, I felt complete.I tried again and got it this time but I felt like I was extremely wet, like the camelback was leaking or something.Electric Forest dropped a couple announcements today,. Artists that play more than once will play a unique show for each time slot,. ElectroJams on Twitter.

2014 IMR Music Festival is a Sonicbids. Daisy Carnival, EDC Las Vegas, Electric Forest,. and must be able to perform for the selected time slots.The concert had now finished and we all just looked at each other dazed.For those of us who are heavily involved in the music scene, those of us.I am writing this because I need to tell people about this experiance, I have read about way to many bad trips and I just feel like I need to share the best trip of my life.Since our group was from Colorado as well Steven striked up a converation (the first one of the night) and they started talking.There was a line and Steven kept trying to convince us to no go and just go into the crowd.We told Steven and Samuel to look up on there smart phones what show we should go see next.

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We sparked this joint up and ripped it real fast, everyone taking huge long drags.I started to rip it and thought to myself that this was my only rip so I hit it as hard as I could.He gets hit by a string right in his abdomen and just powers through it snapping the string.